Monday, 15 July 2013

Five Finger "Gaming"

Here is a Youtube channel of how a one handed gamer plays video games with only a gaming mouse, this is to prove that it really is possible to be just as good at computer related tasks with one hand  than with two hands.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A small tutorial as an example of how to bind keys to a gaming mouse/mouse with programmable buttons, i use the "steelseries sensei" mouse here with the "steelseries engine" key binding software

*note - not all mice use this software  and steelseries are not the only mice with programmable buttons.
Enjoy the video, will make more tutorial videos if this one makes good viewcounts


Saturday, 6 July 2013

[pc]Essentials of one handed computer use

So, you want to (for whatever reason) use your computer in any way possible, but with only one hand. This guide will show you how to do so, with the use of special programs and appliances

Here are the essentials....

Mouse with Programmable buttons

  • can speed up movement of on-screen cursor
  • can execute multiple tasks or programs with one button press.
  • most mice are ergonomic so are more comfortable for excessive and prolonged use
  • rubber sides for best grip for non fully functioning and/or sweaty hands.
The main con of these is that they are generally more expensive than standard mice, but worth it for efficiency in my opinion

Gameboard/game controller (mostly needed for gaming)

  •  Can be used instead of a keyboard with the use of special software like "xpadder" to emulate the keystrokes of a keyboard, to accomplish tasks like searching a database or browsing the internet. Both of which is probably done easier on a keyboard, but if you take the shown picture into context there is 28 possible programmable buttons, compared to a standard keyboards 5 at most!

Key binding software

This can be used to make almost every single button on your mouse,keyboard,game board do different computer commands, take my current setup for example:
Mouse = 6 buttons
keyboard=12 buttons
game board=28
=46 buttons
that means you could use 26 buttons for the alphabet alone! leaving 20 buttons for custom use.

All these buttons may take a while to get used to, but i guarantee that it will speed up your daily tasks on your computer 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

[Pc Help] an Introduction to Macros and Programmable buttons

"Key bindings" "Macros" "programmable buttons"

Heard of these?

If you have then this process will be a lot easier; let me split things up into 3 parts...

Key binding Programs:
Every time you press a key on your keyboard e.g "the space bar", a code is triggered telling your computer to activate the "space bar" command, this is all very good on a keyboard because the button's commands are synced. But what if you want to play a game on the PC with say an "xbox 360 controller" you have to get special software that converts the button presses from the "xbox 360 controller" to the computer command code like using "up,down,left and right" on a joystick and converting it to the commonly used "w,a,s,d" buttons a pc gamer might use. 
But of course all of these skills are transferable to help you to do things like, image editing, web browsing or even typing a word document!