Wednesday, 3 July 2013

[Pc Help] an Introduction to Macros and Programmable buttons

"Key bindings" "Macros" "programmable buttons"

Heard of these?

If you have then this process will be a lot easier; let me split things up into 3 parts...

Key binding Programs:
Every time you press a key on your keyboard e.g "the space bar", a code is triggered telling your computer to activate the "space bar" command, this is all very good on a keyboard because the button's commands are synced. But what if you want to play a game on the PC with say an "xbox 360 controller" you have to get special software that converts the button presses from the "xbox 360 controller" to the computer command code like using "up,down,left and right" on a joystick and converting it to the commonly used "w,a,s,d" buttons a pc gamer might use. 
But of course all of these skills are transferable to help you to do things like, image editing, web browsing or even typing a word document!

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